Unleash your project’s potential with technical SEO

Generate more revenue by leveraging technical SEO: optimize how search engines crawl, render and index your website.

What does it include?

Finding solutions to complex technical problems that require looking at large volumes of data is my specialty. My services are tailored to identify and unblock priority technical SEO issues.


An exhaustive picture to understand how you can improve your website results, considering both impact and effort.

Internal Linking

Analyze your website's internal linking to get the most out of its SEO potential.

Indexing tree

Ensure that search engines can crawl, render and index your website correctly.

JavaScript SEO

Check that the content loaded through your favorite JavaScript framework can be correctly read by search engines.

Log analysis

Understand how search engines are crawling your website and what issues they are encountering.

Loading speed

Make sure your website loads fast to offer the best experience to your users.

My process

My knowledge allows me to provide clear solutions to complex problems. Through a data-oriented approach, I can advise your technical teams on the changes to unleash your full SEO potential and increase your revenue.

Technical audit

First and foremost, audit your website on a technical level to diagnose the problems that need to be addressed.


Define how these issues can be solved, giving several options if relevant. An audit by itself is useless: you are paying for the solutions.


Help your team to implement all the recommendations that we will have previously chosen based on the issues and how complex the fixes are.


Follow up with you to make sure that you will never have other problems that may impact your results.