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I help you generate more traffic and more conversions with an SEO strategy that fits your business and your goals.

These companies have already solved their technical problems and are generating more sales.

Who I am

Passionate about SEO

Hello, my name is Antoine, and yes, I’m French, but I already consider myself from Barcelona (after 7 years, it’s about time!).

SEO is one of the most powerful channels to grow a business, it’s also one of my great passions, so it’s not surprising that I’ve been working on it for more than 7 years, both agency-side and in-house.

That's why, after so many projects and experiences, I can assure you 3 things:

I have a business-first mindset that will help yours grow.

I will put at your disposal all my SEO & data analytics skills to help you sell more

Not only that, but I will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth: I won't waste your time or money if something can't be done (or if I'm not the right person).

My philosophy


How I make your SEO investment profitable

My goal is to drive more qualified traffic to your website to increase your revenue and make sure your SEO investment is profitable.

Strategy is my credo because, to achieve your goals, you need a solid foundation. That’s why I take care of developing and implementing an SEO strategy that will make your business grow.

Without a solid technical base, all your efforts in content, linkbuilding or PR will not generate results. Don’t let the technical stuff hinder your growth.

If you already have an SEO team, but have questions, doubts or need validation on your current initiatives, you can count on me to combine your team’s industry knowledge and my experience.

Don't take my word for it​

A testimonial is worth a thousand words, so I let my clients talk about my services.

SEO Blog

You get the picture: I’m passionate about SEO. That’s why I love to share my technical knowledge through my blog.